Personal project

I did this project in order to get introduced to Blender in a way that would make me excited about it. Even though aquiring a new skill sounds like enough motivation, I find that setting clearer goals makes it easier to aim.


Something I've realized from trying to teach Photoshop to both myself and others is that learning seems close to impossible without incentive.

I've noticed that I could watch hours of basics and introduction videos of all sorts of things, but without having a set purpose for doing so, it just doesn't stick.

However, when I've set out to learn how to do specific things, I've remembered it, and then I've also been able to apply those learnings to other projects.

So in order to get introduced to Blender, I needed something I would enjoy working on. I therefore picked something that I wanted to come to life; A simple, more elegant Coca-cola bottle, inspired by traditional champagne bottles.