Hyper Island Student Project


Jonas Vincent Blixt - Creative Director & Editor

John-John Torstendahl - Producer

Carl Sandén - Videographer

​How can we create a commercial with minimal

equipment, experience and budget?

At Hyper Island, my group and I were tasked with creating a commercial for Innoscentia. The brief was not much more detailed than "Create an ad" which gave us a lot of creative freedom. 

Though none of us had any real experience with this sort of stuff, and we didn't have the proper equipment, we used what we had.

Our ideation resulted in the idea for this video, and I was tasked with outlining the story and setting the mood. Instead of trying to communicate those things through scripts & moodboards, I threw together a simple animation in Blender of what I had in mind. 

All in all, we created this in just a few days, and we had a blast doing so. I created the animation on day one, we gathered the equipment and set it all up on day two, shot it on day three, and edited it on the final day. 

Key takeaway:

It's possible to create something, and to really enjoy it, even if you don't have everything you think you need.

Special thanks:

John-John Torstendahl

Carl Sandén

Adam Hägglund

Team Karaff